Bold Endeavors Men's Michigan Socks

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How much do you love Michigan? Now you can show off your love for your favorite mitten-shaped state with these men's dress socks. Bold and iconic, these Michigan socks will have you feeling like the Great Lake State’s #1 fan and able to take a little piece of the midwest with you everywhere you go.
The goal of this collection is to generate sustainable funding by inviting our customers to purchase socks that help provide clean water. Each pair of socks provides 100 days of clean water for an individual in Africa. Each sock is also produced through a vertically-integrated supply chain, ensuring that through each step of the process, the people creating these socks are treated with dignity and respect and are fairly compensated for their work. Thank you for choosing socks that make a statement and a difference.
75% Cotton/23% Nylon/2% Spandex - Fits men shoe size 8-12
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