Sojourn Well To The Moon & Back Necklace

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This crescent moon is hand stamped and solid brass. The chain is high quality gold filled and the beads are Lapis Lazuli, but the meaning of the words is what makes this a special piece...

"To the moon and back". That's a lot of love! Sometimes it's hard to love even, "To the store and back". Imagine a 480,000 mile adventure together, ups and downs, good and bad, love and grace! Love makes people do crazy things. People go to war for love and refuse to fight because of love, love makes people sing and dance and sometimes stand and quietly morn. Actually your heart will create enough energy in a lifetime to drive the 480,000 miles to the moon and back, so loving someone might just be giving them every beat of your heart.

● Chain: 14k Gold filled

● Beads: Lapis Lazuli

● Necklace length: 18"

● Hand stamped

● Nickel and lead free

Made in the USA

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