The Unemployed Philosphers Guild Zipper Pouch

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  • The Jane Austen bag is just the place to keep all the small things you need: a bottle of ink and a pen, a stack of letters tied with a ribbon, a needle and thread.Grass. Hemp. Hay. Bud. Forage. Herb.

    The Weed bag. Why all the euphemisms? We’re all adults here. “Weed” is just another word for “plant” ...a righteous, righteous plant. Our 100% cotton zip-up Weed Bag honors these beautiful yet misunderstood works of nature. Legal in all 50 states. Keep it together. Now you’re holding.
  • This pouch is for those who recognize that the small is not inevitably the trivial.
  • Cases are  5"x9" and 2" wide at the base, so it stands at the ready!
  • Fits right into your backpack to keep any accessories organized.
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